Adventures with Sustainable Living.1

New initiative:  How to suit your home and yourself for a sustainable future, just adding what I know here. 

An easy way to reduce your impact on the environment is to consciously choose your purchases. 

Shopping with this behavior can involve everything from picking LOCAL produce or purchasing “second hand” products.  For example, I thought it would be nice to have a radio for my office…So, I stop off at the local Goodwill to pick up a fantastic, unique (never to be seen again, design) and inexpensive second hand ‘Panasonic’ (yes, name brand) AM-FM radio for under $20.00. 

Not only did I save money, I saved waste.  Yes waste; excessive packaging such as cardboard, plastic wrap and foam fill our ‘finite’ landfills.  Next time you purchase something new, because ultimately buying second hand is a compromise, just take into account all the packaging from that one product (which will mostly likely be SECOND HAND next year).

In addition to that hip, ultra cool, radio I purchased at a STEAL, I also picked up (what I thought to be) a stained glass jar (which turned out to be “coated”) for a flower arrangement I used to surprise Rachell.  Even though it was a cheapy item, it was still a nice treat for her and extra brownie points for me (it’s the thought that counts).

Anyways, SIMPLIFY man…


*Knowledge is power; share what you know in the comments section.  THANKS!